Tentree- For the Love of Trees

Tentree Brand

The team at tentree is championing a future where all business is restorative and where every action protects the planet. One of the ways they do this is by planting trees for every tentree garment sold. So far, they’ve planted over 100 million trees in 6 forest types worldwide.

They chose to plant trees because trees are one of the most scalable and reliable tools for combating climate change. More importantly, trees can change people’s lives – through jobs, food security, and habitat restoration. tentree has witnessed these positive outcomes many times, including on their most recent trip to their mangrove planting site in Kenya.

One of the local women employed for the project, Rita, described the impact the initial mangrove reforestation work had already had on her life. Over the first couple of months, she had been able to save between 2,000-3,000 Kenyan Shillings (around $20 to $30 USD) for college tuition. (Many in Kenya live on less than $2 USD/ day, barely enough to afford  clean water and food.) With Rita’s ongoing mangrove planting work, she is also helping to support her family, has a goal to build a more usable water source (her current source of water is a broken well), and to help her family achieve a more balanced, healthy diet.

This employ-to-plant approach is an incredibly effective strategy for reforestation in subsistence communities. These people often are often faced with the choice of feeding their family by cutting down the trees to sell for charcoal or going hungry. By providing jobs and giving the communities an incentive to restore and protect the forest rather than cutting it down, they can earn a living while also restoring the land.

tentree is committed to planting 1 Billion trees by 2030. But as you can see, it’s about so much more than trees.

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